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A Peace of Yoga

making yoga & mindfulness accessible for all

I credit my conscience activist spirit to growing up during the 60’s and 70’s in the inner city of St. Louis, Mo in tumultuous times. I was blessed back then with a sense of community and I have been able to reconnect with a sense of community my yoga practice.

I have been fortunate to be able to study under Christie Burnett, Emily Darling, Max Strom, Christina Sell, Desiree Rumbaugh, Doug Keller, Gina Caputo, Shannon Basham, Nancy Bounds, Teo Drake and Dr. Melanie Klein (Yoga and Body Image Coalition) and with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling (Off the Mat Into the World).

My favorite asana is Tadasana (Mountain Pose), “ta-daaa”, celebrate and be grateful! There will be storms, that’s life.. but if you can meet those challenges firmly standing, grounded, rooted, on all four corners of both feet, you’ll come back stronger every time! Namaste!

A native of St. Louis, I am a Certified RYT 200 hour yoga instructor, Chair Yoga Teacher, Dynamic Mindfulness Facilitator (Niroga Institute), Certified Instructor for the Veterans Yoga Project, a Community Partner for the Yoga and Body Image Coalition (YBIC) and an Off the Mat Into the World Circle Facilitator, bravely chartering the first OTM Circle in Kansas City in 2016. 

In need of a physical education credit at Johnson County Community College in 2008, I stumbled upon a Yoga Course and my life has been transformed ever since! Yoga came into my life during a quiet (RAGING) storm and has only helped to strengthen my faith. Yoga reminds me in times of uncertainty to slow down and do the hardest thing, BREATHE! I co-founded A Peace of Yoga with my daughter Amanda and we have been blessed beyond measure to do some amazing work! 

With a focus on Restorative and Gentle Yoga, yoga has become so much more than the asana (posture), it is about the stillness that comes within the posture.  It’s about exploring that stillness and transferring it off the mat and into the world.  My world, my community, and empowering others!  Spending much of my professional career off the mat as an EEO Counselor, I am also a Certified Mediator through the Justice Center of Atlanta.  Yoga is about what brings me “PEACE”, what brings me “JOY”!  And I can bring neither to anyone if I’m “limpin” around wounded.